Top 8 Eco Travel Apps

We all want to be a bit more eco in our daily lives, but what about when we travel? Often we are dashing around in unfamiliar territory and it can be very easy to take shortcuts like buying a bottle of water or grabbing a plastic bag instead of actually thinking about what we are doing. Technology to the rescue! Thank god for those clever app developers that do all of the hard work for us giving us time to enjoy our holidays while being a little more environmentally virtuous.



1. Ecosia


Although this one transcends the travel world I can’t not mention it’s awesomeness. We all spend a considerable amount of time Googling irreverent questions like “Why are Oranges orange?”, travelling only increases this thirst for essential knowledge. But forget Google! Ecosia does exactly the same thing and plants trees with the profits! Mad eco virtuous global companies doing the good work for us? Why not.


2. Happy Cow


We all know beef, although delicious, is terrible for the environment. The Amazon is being cleared for methane producing heffers to fill our expanding waistlines. If you can go veggie or even vegan I salute you. For the rest of us sticking to slightly more sustainable meats like chicken and swapping out a few meals a week for vegetarian is better than nothing. That’s where Happy Cow comes in, find delicious veggie meals wherever you go with an easy to use app.


3. Refill My Bottle



A filtered bottle like this one from lifestraw is one of the best investments a traveller can make. Drink water from anywhere safe in the knowledge you won’t die from cholera. If you haven’t made the switch quite yet Refill My Bottle is a handy app to find drinking water while on you travels. It’s not quite perfect as it only works online and doesn’t yet cover every city but it is a very handy tool to have in your pocket.


4. G Adventures


This one’s another no brainer. For anyone who hasn’t heard of G Adventures they were basically doing sustainable travel before it even had a name. Top bloke Bruce Poon Tip founded the company with a vision – to create an alternative group travel product whereby tourists give back to the places they visit by simply buying a trip. Surely this costs more than a standard coach tour or cruise? Actually I’ve often found it’s a much cheaper option, and you get a free feel good factor with every trip safe in the knowledge every choice they make is as environmentally responsible as it can be.

5. Fair Trip


If you’re more of a rogue solo travel backpacker type do not fear! There is an app for you. Fair trip is a wondrous platform full of places to stay based on their eco cred. With filters like “local, social, green” and “fair” you’d be hard pressed to find an ugly multinational conglomerate hotel for your nice little holiday. We won’t name any names.


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6. My Little Footprint


The plastic war is on. Yet most of us still end up with at least a bit of the P word in the form of food wrappers etc. going in the bin no matter how hard we try. Travelling only leads to more quick food options and less organised buying. I tried going plastic free for two weeks. Completely failed: It’s not easy. But this clever little app called My Little Footprint is a rather ingenious way of tracking your plastic consumption. It simply puts it in a way we can’t ignore and makes us mindful of our plastic purchases and gives handy alternatives.


7. Giki


Another cheeky little app to kerb our eco sins comes in the form of Giki. It uses label scanners to tell us how ethical, sustainable and healthy a product is before we chuck it in the trolley. Using badges like sustainable palm oil, low carbon footprint and hero products you can easily check and favourite items for next time. The good news is Nutella makes the cut!



8. Too Good To Go


Lithuanian Pastry


Ten Million Tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK. But wait, you can save it, you eco virtuous hero you. But don’t go getting in the bins just yet. Too Good To Go is an app that lets you know when stores have unwanted food at discount rates. Although it’s not in every city yet it’s a universal idea. Share meals in hostels, only buy what you’re going to eat and make the most of the short shelf life discounts in supermarkets. Win, win, but maybe don’t eat out of the bin.

Get app’ happy with these eco virtuous downloads before your next trip. Try them out and let me know how you get on in the comments.


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