Clean Up Your Toiletries Bag – Eco Travel Hacks

I’m always looking for the best travel tips and accessories to make life on the road easier. Products that save space and last on the road are invaluable in saving time an unnecessary cost, giving you more time to explore and experience what the world has to offer. Travellers tend to have an appreciation for the natural world and all of these products help to reduce waste too. Check out my favourite eco friendly toiletries to travel with below:

Shampoo and soap bars

This is my number one way to save on plastic, space and avoid annoying flight restrictions. Grab a shampoo bar from any good health retailer and a handy tin to store it in and say goodbye to liquid shampoo! Try Lush for coconut fresh curls or the Body shops Shea butter bars.

Re-usable face sponges

Face wipes are big, bulky and a general nightmare for trying to pack in a small bag. These tiny re-usable bamboo cloths are easily washed with a handy little laundry bag and last for ages.

A Bamboo toothbrush

One billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the US every year, enough to stretch around the earth 4 times! Why not go bamboo instead? and get some free earbuds while you’re at it.

Silicone ear buds

While we’re talking ear buds every day 1.5 billion ear buds are produced. But this great kick start has eradicated that need! Single use is out. Reusable is in! Click below to find out more;

Last Swab

Silicone cup

For any girls who travel this is a must have! Gone are the days of carrying around a haul of bulky pads or worse trying to buy the right ones in a country where you can’t speak the language. Google the reviews and wonder why you ever bothered to use anything else. Less waste for landfill as well as your purse.


Metal razors have been around for years, long before plastic took over our lives. The handle lasts forever just change the blades every month or so. Save a load of money and the environment!

Friction Free Shaving have brought in a great new product where they schedule deliveries for replacement blades and even recycle the old ones. The company uses eco friendly practices and recycled packaging too and the Razor even comes with a handy clam shell protector for taking on trips.

Click this link to find out more!


Salt of the earth have turned armpit care on it’s head. Spray deodorants are terrible for air travel, lung health and the environment. Roll on deodorants are OK but are still a pain for the carry on liquid restrictions. With Salt of the earths crystal stick there are no more issues! Just wet the top before each use and have highly effective deodorant that last for ages.

Bamboo hairbrush

Since bamboo is the new plastic why not upgrade your hairbrush too? With this great brush even the packaging is recyclable. Good feels all round!

So there we have it some easy swaps to save cash in the long run, travel smarter and help look after the planet. Any you want to add? Comment below!

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