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I’m known to be honest and quite blunt in person and this site is no different! I aim to provide to the point information without the drivel and share photos to inspire you to get out there and explore the world! As a complete nature nerd and travel addict I know all the best spots for a truly unique experience. This site was created with the aim of giving you all of the know how you need to travel cheaper, easier and with less impact on the environment. It will help you to make informed decisions and hopefully be a better more sustainable traveller.

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One day I was sitting in an office, eating the same £3 meal deal for lunch, spending a vast amount of my time at work on Google maps and Tripadvisor. The next I was behind the wheel of an 18 tonne bus driving 50 young people around Europe for a major travel company! To say it was insanely life changing is an understatement, but if I can do it why not you too?

Life changing moments really are as simple as just taking the first step. From a background in hospitality and finance, I saved every penny I had to spend on travelling. Ever since my first big camping trip to the USA’s great National Parks, aged 21, I was hooked. Having now been to 60+ countries and travelled full time for the last few years I’ve picked up some handy tips and some pretty crazy stories! I currently work 6 months of the year for a tour company driving around the main sights of Europe and travel on a budget with my partner for the other half of the year (as well as working on this blog). Everyone I speak to thinks I’m living the dream, the secret is it’s not as hard as you might think…